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Elizabeth Voncanon

Elizabeth VonCanon, MS, H(ASCP)CM

Assistant Professor - Hematology

Mrs. Elizabeth VonCanon teaches courses in hematology and urine and body fluid analysis to undergraduate and graduate students.  She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences with a concentration in hematology from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Her experience in the master’s program motivated her to further her education in pursuit of a career in research and academia.  She is working towards these goals as a student in the Health-Related Sciences doctoral program at VCU’s College of Health Professions.  Mrs. VonCanon worked full-time in the hematology laboratory at the VCU Health System as a medical laboratory scientist prior to joining the MLS department.  

Research Interests

  • The utilization and standardization of differentiating atypical lymphocytes in peripheral blood
  • Epigenetics of hematopoiesis