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Picture of Jessica Mittler

Jessica Mittler, PhD

Associate Professor

Phone: (804) 828-5221

Email: jnmittler@vcu.edu


Harvard University
PhD, Health Policy and Medical Sociology

University of Michigan
MHSA, Health Services Administration
MPP, Public Policy 

Cornell University
BS, Urban and Regional Planning 


Jessica Mittler, PhD, joined the Department of Health Administration as an associate professor in January 2015. She studies the pursuit of patient-centered care and the transformation it requires for individuals and organizations using qualitative and quantitative research methods. Dr. Mittler is particularly interested in understanding and improving patient experiences, patient engagement, and efforts to improve collaboration among people and across sources of care. Her recent studies include an examination of physician office culture and the implementation of the patient-centered medical homes; an investigation of how patient activation levels change over time; and an evaluation of collaborative efforts to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions. Dr. Mittler presents her research at leading academic and practitioner outlets, including AcademyHealth, Academy of Management, General Internal Medicine, and Institute of Health Care Improvement conferences and workshops. Currently, she teaches in both the MHA and MSHA programs.

Prior to joining VCU, Dr. Mittler was an associate professor at Penn State University. While there she co-lead the Women’s Leadership Initiative, a year-long program to develop students’ leadership competencies through classroom and experiential learning. Prior to earning her Ph.D, Dr. Mittler evaluated the value of health care initiatives to improve the financing and organization of health care services as a researcher at Mathematica Policy Research. Dr. Mittler earned her Ph.D. in Health Policy and Medical Sociology from Harvard in 2008, her Masters in Health Services Administration and Public Policy from the University of Michigan in 1997, and a B.S. in urban studies from Cornell University in 1994.


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