T. Greg Prince

Dear Alumni & Friends of VCU’s College of Health Professions:

Serving as the Senior Director of Development for the College of Health Professions (CHP) continues to be an incredible honor.  The strength of our departments, faculty, staff, and students is unmatched – with five out of our programs ranked in the top twenty nationally, and three of those ranking in the top five nationally.  In essence, our College sets the standard for health sciences education.  As the academic year is now in full swing, we can reflect on this past year’s accomplishments, among them a 27% increase in dollars raised from alumni, faculty, staff, and friends.  Further, the total number of alumni supporting the CHP increased during the past year.  And, two celebrations over the past 12 months have marked our progress on the physical plant front: a groundbreaking ceremony back in April attended by the Governor, as well as a beam signing ceremony earlier this fall attended by university leaders, MCV Foundation board members, and lead donors, faculty leaders, and students.

Upcoming annual College and department-based events allow for the chance to interact with our dynamic academic leaders.  Dean Drain is entering his 21st year of leadership, and many of the College’s chairs are hitting their stride when it comes to academic achievement and research endeavors.  What an exciting time in VCU’s history to join the overall development and alumni relations team.  The “Make It Real” campaign has surpassed the $500M mark on the way toward a goal of $750M raised for VCU. 

True to our mission, CHP is as “an integral part of VCU and serving as a major component of our Medical College of Virginia campus.  The College recognizes the importance of being accountable to the students and their families, the Commonwealth, faculty, staff, alumni/alumnae, and other benefactors by using resources effectively.  Strong linkages with clinical educators, preceptors, and the community are essential to the success of the College.  That means that we want strong relationships with you – our alumni and friends.  At the core of that strength is the need to attract private funds in the form of philanthropic gifts to the College, its departments and soon, to our new building set to open in the fall of 2019.

Your support is critical, now more than ever.  The need for student scholarships, professorships, lectureships, and state of the art learning resources, classrooms, and labs increases each year.  We need your involvement: your time, efforts, and financial support.  Our collective future depends on the strength of our relationship.  Please contact me to get involved with your College or any specific department – as a volunteer, a donor, or both!  We look forward to welcoming you back to campus!

T. Greg Prince, Ed.D.
Senior Director of Development
College of Health Professions
Virginia Commonwealth University

Phone:         (804) 828-3269
Cell:             (804) 920-8918
Email:           tgprince@vcu.edu