Speaker’s Bureau

VCU's Department of Gerontology Speaker's Bureau Services, in coordination with the VCU Health Systems's Speaker's Bureau, manages a comprehensive roster of speakers, offering up-to-date presentations by experienced professionals on a wide variety of aging related topics. If you are interested in this service, please submit the Speaker's Bureau Request Form by clicking the link below.

Speaker fees/honoraria may apply based on topic, travel and availability.  

Speaker's Bureau Request Form

Examples of Curent Topics:

  • Ageism and the "Anti-Aging" Movement
  • Ageism, Microaggression and Gerontophobia
  • Alcohol and other drug use in older adults
  • Assessing Your Leisure Interests (Anticipating Retirement)
  • Building Successful Mother Daughter Relationships
  • Caregivers and Support Systems
  • Coping and Stress Management
  • Cultural Aging
  • Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Disorders
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Lifestyle and Wellness
  • Humor and its Place in Aging
  • LGBT and Aging
  • Long Term Care Facility Placement
  • Organizational Diversity
  • Person-Centered Care and Culture Change
  • Quality of Life- End of Life Issues
  • Sexuality and Aging
  • Spirituality and Aging
  • Substance Abuse Topics offered through the Alcohol and Aging Awareness Group
  • Successful/Optimal Aging
  • Steps to Aging Well