OTCAS application process

All applications for the Entry Level Occupational Therapy Doctorate (EL-OTD) program are submitted online directly through OTCAS and the VCU Graduate Admissions online application. The entire process is web-based.

All application materials must be submitted to OTCAS by the application deadline of December 1st. If you have applied to the VCU OT program previously you will need to reapply through OTCAS and VCU Graduate Admissions. All applicants will be required to start a new application and submit required materials. Be sure to review the entire contents of your application for accuracy prior to submission.

It takes some time to complete the online application form. We suggest that you begin the application during the summer or early fall. Information can be entered into the application pages over time allowing you to build the application gradually until it is complete. VCU would like the Personal Statement to be written as one and a half to one and three-quarters (1 ½-1 ¾) single-spaced pages in 12 point Times-Roman font with 1” page margins and no more than 1200 words. The average file size is about 15 KB vs. the 5 MB file size allowable through OTCAS. The following three questions should be addressed:

  • Why you are selecting OT as a career
  • How an entry level doctoral degree in OT relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals
  • How your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals

VCU OT's Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) Designated Institution (DI) Code from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) is 1219. All applicants must request that ETS send their GRE scores directly to the OTCAS using the DI codes for each program to which they are applying. Each program has its own DI Code. An application to VCU's entry level OTD Program cannot be considered unless official GRE scores are sent directly to OTCAS using the DI Code of 1219. ETS will transmit official GRE scores electronically to OTCAS. GRE scores should NOT be sent to Virginia Commonwealth University. Only GRE scores sent to OTCAS will be entered into the scoring tables for the initial quantitative calculation along with the overall and prerequisite grade point averages from verified transcripts. The GRE should be taken no later than November 1st so that your completed application can be reviewed in a timely fashion.

You do not need to pay any fees until the application is complete and you are ready to submit it. Once your application is submitted it will be marked as "Received." It will take some time for OTCAS to verify your electronic transcript based upon the transcripts that you have had sent to them from all of the colleges and/or universities that you have attended. The Graduate Admissions Committee will only review applications that have been marked as "Verified" by OTCAS and for which VCU has received a complete Supplemental Information Application. The cost of OTCAS is $140 for the application to the first program and $60 for each subsequent program.

The cost of the VCU Supplemental Information Application is $65, and is paid to VCU Graduate Admissions.

Please see OTCAS FAQ's for more specific information regarding the OTCAS application process.