Diane Dodd-McCue, D.B.A.


Dr. Diane Dodd-McCue develops, conducts, and supports research and chaplain research training in VCU’s Department of Patient Counseling (PATC) and in VCU’s Health Related Services PhD program. Her PATC research classes compliment the research requirements needed by chaplains for board certification in acute care facilities.  

Her research activities focus on clinical practice, pedagogy, and administrative issues. She is Co-PI on AHP (Achieving Healthcare Professionalism) APP, a project which developed and is piloting a mobile smart phone professionalism app for students and their clinical evaluations in entry-to-profession programs across the College of Health Professions’ nine departments. Other current projects emphasize faculty development for interdisciplinary education across health care disciplines and utilization of charting by clinical hospital chaplains.

 Dr. Dodd-McCue’s articles appear in Chaplaincy, Health Administration, Nurse Anesthesia, Nursing, and Gerontology journals. She served as Researcher or Principal Investigator on a number of multi-year, mixed-methods, and multi-disciplinary projects which span a variety of topics: organ donation and transplantation (the US Department of Health and Human Services); specialized hospital staffing (National Association of Transplant Coordinators); clergy needs in rural areas (the Jessie Ball du Pont Fund);  chaplain practice, charting, and training (ACPE). She is a reviewer for VCU’s IRB panel on biomedical research. 

Dr. Dodd-McCue received the VCU School of Allied Health Professions' 2014 Distinguished Faculty Excellence Award.