May I borrow materials from VCoA´s Information Resource Center?
VCoA´s bound and print holdings (books, reports, etc) may often be too bulky for mailing, but visitors may always visit us in person to arrange to borrow such items. VCoA also maintains an extensive video collection of more that 120 titles in VHS and DVD formats, which you can assess under the Video Lending Library link above.

How can I sign up to receive VCoA´s quarterly publication Age in Action?
Just let us know which way you´d like to receive it, e-mail or postal mail. For e-mail, we will need your full name and e-mail address; for post, we will need your full name and complete mailing address, including organization or agency, if relevant. You may send this information to Bert Waters at lhwaters@vcu.edu.

Do the faculty and staff at VCoA make public presentations?
Yes. VCoA has a rich variety of expertise and is committed to disseminating this information. You may view our profiles on this website and contact the VCoA member directly. Of course, please remember that individuals have assigned responsibilities and their projects may limit availability.

How might I make a financial contribution to VCoA's Alzheimer´s research program?
We would gratefully accept your assistance. VCoA has been administering the Alzheimer´s and Related Diseases Research Award Fund since 1982; and it has been a remarkably effective seed grant program that enables Virginia-based researchers to obtain the pilot data so critical for successful grant applications to major foundation and federal agencies. We would welcome contributions in any amount by check made payable to the Virginia Center on Aging, mailed to us at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 23298-0229.

Where is VCoA's physical location and what are our office hours?
We are located in downtown Richmond, in the Theatre Row Building at the corner of 8th and East Broad Streets. Our address is 730 East Broad, second floor. Office hours vary from person to person but generally there is someone here from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Call us at (804) 828-1525 to be sure that the individual you wish to meet has no out-of-office commitment when you would like to visit.