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Our faculty do more than just provide a world-class education in the health professions. They also perform groundbreaking research to find ways to create better patient outcomes, more efficient care facilities and healthier communities.

Faculty publications news

Tracey Gendron, Ph.D., chair and associate professor in the Department of Gerontology, wrote an article, “Ageism in the Era of COVID-19,” now featured on the VCU Division of Inclusive Excellence website. 

Laura McClelland, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Health Administration, guest edited “The Emotional Experience of Caregiving Work in a Changing Health Care Landscape,” published in the May 2020 special issue of Work and Occupations, an international sociological journal. The special issue “focuses explicitly on the emotional experience of caregiving work with an emphasis on helping better understand the factors that contribute to emotional exhaustion and well-being at work. 

Amy J. Armstrong, Ph.D., chair and associate professor, and Courtney M. Holmes, Ph.D., associate professor, both of the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, recently published “A Changing World, Again. How Appreciative Inquiry Can Guide Our Growth," in Social Sciences & Humanities Open. The article provides an overview of appreciative inquiry and its relevance to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as provides specific strategies for how people and systems can use artificial intelligence as they transition through the pandemic and afterward.

An article on a joint professional experience between the departments of Radiation Sciences and Nurse Anesthesia was published in the journal Radiologic Technology. The article, “University-Developed Interprofessional Surgical Simulation Training for Radiography Students,” was written by Staci King, instructor of radiation sciences; Mike Kammerman, director of simulation; and Jeff Legg, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the Department of Radiation Sciences.

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications Academic Year 2021-22

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