Mission and Vision

Equity and Excellence 2021-2021 - DEI, Health Impact, Research, High-Value Education, Workplace Wellbeing, Interprofessional Education Leader, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

The mission of the College of Health Professions is to create influential leaders in health care who embrace equity and model excellence through inclusive teaching and learning, thoughtful advancement of cross-cultural knowledge, meaningful service to others, innovative technologies, and scientific discoveries that promote health and health equity and eliminate health disparities. The vision of the College of Health Professions is academic excellence that is accessible, equitable, and of exceptional value.

In pursuit of this vision, the College emphasizes the following values:

ACCOUNTABILITY: We take responsibility for our attitudes, actions, and judgements.

EXCELLENCE: We practice and promote the highest standard of quality performance and care of the individual.

COOPERATION: We collaborate through the practice of open communication, trust, and respect.

FULFILLMENT OF POTENTIAL: We facilitate continual professional development and personal growth.

DIGNITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL: We respect the value and uniqueness of each individual.

INNOVATION: We encourage and support creativity.

ENJOYMENT: We value internal well-being, creative enrichment, and a spirit of joyfulness.

INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves in a forthright and honorable manner as demonstrated by actions that are honest and trustworthy.

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