Other ways to give

Make your gift matter — no matter the form

There are many ways to support CHP. Whether you want to give to a specific department, earmark your gift for a faculty position or structure your gift as part of your retirement, our gift officers can help you find the best way to ensure your gift has an impact on the success of our school.

To find out more about any of the giving opportunities listed here, contact T. Greg Prince, senior director of development for CHP at tgprince@vcu.edu or (804) 828-3269.

Endowed faculty positions: Endow any level of faculty position, from lectureship to deanship. The principal of your gift is invested, and the interest each year pays for the position. These named endowed funds last in perpetuity. The levels of endowment are below:

  • Lectureship: $100,000
  • Fellowship: $250,000
  • Professorship: $250,000
  • Junior faculty endowment fund: $250,000
  • Departmental professorship: $500,000
  • University professorship: $750,000
  • Distinguished professorship: $1,000,000
  • Chair: $1,500,000
  • Distinguished chair: $2,000,000
  • Deanship: $2,500,000

Planned giving

Bequests, real estate, individual retirement plan assets, annuities, IRAs, stocks, bonds, securities and life insurance policies can all be used as vehicles for gifts to CHP.

  • Bequests: One of the easiest and most common ways of planned giving
  • Life insurance: Some policies may allow you to make a current or deferred contribution
  • Life income gifts: An opportunity to give and receive; allows you to receive an income: gift annuities, annuity trusts, unitrusts and pooled income funds
  • Charitable gift annuities: An annuity contract that allows a transfer of assets to benefit the College of Health Professions as long as we agree to make regular, fixed payments to you for life
  • Deferred charitable gift annuity: An excellent retirement program, making it possible for you to get an immediate income tax deduction, yet defer the receipt of income for a term of years; when payments begin, they will be at a much higher level than for an annuity that is not deferred
  • Charitable lead trusts: A way to support our programs and to transfer substantial assets to beneficiaries (children or grandchildren, for instance) with the potential for significantly lowered gift and estate taxes; heirs may actually receive a larger inheritance than they would through an outright bequest or accumulation trust, while the College of Health Professions receives an immediate flow of income
  • Charitable remainder annuity trust: May be created by irrevocably transferring cash, securities or property to a trust for the College of Health Professions’ benefit with you and/or your designated beneficiaries receiving a fixed dollar amount, at least annually, for life or for a fixed term up to 20 years (the latter known as a term certain annuity trust); at your death, the death of your beneficiaries or the end of the term, the trust terminates and the assets are transferred to us

To learn about how you can structure your planned giving, contact Greg Prince, senior director of development for CHP: (804) 828-3269, tgprince@vcu.edu

Matching gifts

Many companies have matching gift policies for employees, board members and spouses. To find out if your employer has such a policy, search the matching gifts directory here. You can direct your HR director to contact CHP if your company doesn't already have a matching gifts program but would like to start one. 

Make a pledge

If you prefer to make a gift over time instead of making a one-time payment, you can pledge the amount of your total gift and pay the balance in increments.

Payroll deduction

VCU employees can make gifts online via payroll deduction.

Deferred gifts

If you would like to include VCU in your estate plan or if you would like information on how to make a more complex gift, please contact the school’s or program’s development office or the CHP development office.