Support our students

Scholarships make us stronger

When he was seven years old, Joseph Wilkins’ father was in a serious car crash. With the help of a physical therapist, Joseph’s father recovered. Since then, Joseph knew he wanted to be a PT — but didn’t think he could afford the education. In 2006, he graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from VCU’s College of Health Professions, his schooling paid for by the Sue Hirt Fund. Created in 1984 with just $4,000 donated by retiring teacher Sue Hirt, the fund now stands at $560,000 and has helped more than 250 CHP students pay for their education.

To find our more about any of CHP's scholarship giving opportunities, contact T. Greg Prince, senior director of development for CHP at or (804) 828-3269.

Our students are the reason CHP exists

CHP students are at the heart of every program, every building, every classroom. Their education is our school’s very reason for being. We exist to teach the health care leaders of the future — and we’re one of the very best institutions to do just that.

Your gifts ensure that deserving students will always be able to attend CHP. VCU prides itself on its mission to make higher education an opportunity available to all students, regardless of financial need or personal circumstance. Funding scholarships for deserving students is the most powerful way to support CHP.

Scholarships attract the best and brightest students

Anatomy Camp is a legendary part of the first-year nurse anesthesia experience — and it’s made possible by your gifts. It’s the kind of hands-on learning that helps make CHP’s Department of Nurse Anesthesia the No. 1-ranked program of its kind in the nation and attracts the most promising students to apply and attend. Each year, CHP students travel to the cadaver laboratory at Easter Tennessee State University medical school, where they practice anesthesia techniques in an intensive weeklong workshop. The camp is supported by the Elizabeth Glenn Howell Nurse Anesthesia Anatomy Camps, Workshops and Student Laboratory Fund, created by the gifts of alumna Elizabeth Glenn Howell (M.S.N.A '04).

When you choose to fund a CHP scholarship, your gift is invested as principal, and the interest each year pays for the endowed scholarship. These named endowed scholarships last in perpetuity. The different scholarship levels are below:

  • General fund endowment: $25,000
  • Partial scholarship: $25,000
  • Full scholarship*: $200,000
  • Graduate fellowship: $200,000
  • Full out-of-state scholarship**: $400,000